Promote African cultures in Quebec

A full integration of the Afro-Quebecois into Quebecois society demands that cultural diversity be respected and celebrated. These conditions are essential as they promote dialogue and diminish prejudice.
MAAH foundation is doing its utmost to enable native Quebecois and people from the African immigrant community to share cultural activities.
Your donation will support two major projects designed to build this cultural connection.
The African Theatre of Verdun will depict the myths and the history of different African peoples, through theatre, storytelling, visual art, and documentary. The theatre will celebrate artists of African origin and influence, offering them a place to create.
.The African Museum, which will pursue the same basic objectives as the African Theatre of Verdun by promoting the emergence and development of African and Afro-Quebecois art and sensitizing youth and schools to understand and appreciate African cultures. The African Museum will include an extensive visual audio data bank.

Thank you for supporting us, with your donation. The promotion of ancestral and modern African cultures constitutes an invaluable wealth for the Quebecois and their link with African communities!