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According to the most recent census for Quebec (2001), there are 81.265 people of African origin who live in Quebec. There is no doubt that this number has increased since then. These people are of paramount importance for the economic and cultural enrichment of Quebec.

Unfortunately, the Afro-Quebecois are facing prejudice and racial discrimination that hinders them from achieving full integration.  The following facts and figures help to illustrate the kinds of problems faced by African immigrants in Quebec.

  • The visible minorities are twice as likely to be unemployed than the rest of the population, in spite of being often highly educated. (Canada Statistics, 2001)
  • Significant salary gaps exist between minorities and those of the majority group. (Canada Statistics, 2001)
  • The members of the Black Community often experience unfair treatment at their work place, in shops, in the banks, on the street, when they deal with the police, and when they go to court.
  • 0% of Blacks have stated that they have faced such discriminatory treatments, while 35% of South East Asians, 29% of Latino-Americans, and 26% of Arabs report the same. (Canada Statistics, 2002)
  • On the field of access to accommodation, one third of the French Speaking Blacks and 15%of the English Speaking Blacks are victims of flagrant discrimination (Commission of the rights of the person and of the youth, 1988)
    Most of the time, the image of Black Community is associated with violence, poverty, and a lack of education.
    The examples of success portrayed by the Media come almost exclusively in sports and the arts. (Canadian foundation on racial connections, 2005).

The services offered by MAAH Fondation du Village Africain are necessary to improve the living conditions of Afro-Quebecois’ while promoting their social, economic, and cultural integration into the Quebec community. For the past twenty years, MAAH Fondation du Village Africain – also known as the African Village Foundation – have helped more than 1,000 people from Africa in Quebec.
Our needs are huge and urgent. Please, help by making a donation!

Promote African cultures in Quebec.

A full integration of the Afro-Quebecois into Quebecois society demands that cultural diversity be respected and celebrated. These conditions are essential as they promote dialogue and diminish prejudice.
MAAH foundation is doing its utmost to enable native Quebecois and people from the African immigrant community to share cultural activities.
Your donation will support two major projects designed to build this cultural connection.
The African Theatre of Verdun will depict the myths and the history of different African peoples, through theatre, storytelling, visual art, and documentary. The theatre will celebrate artists of African origin and influence, offering them a place to create.
.The African Museum, which will pursue the same basic objectives as the African Theatre of Verdun by promoting the emergence and development of African and Afro-Quebecois art and sensitizing youth and schools to understand and appreciate African cultures. The African Museum will include an extensive visual audio data bank.

Thank you for supporting us, with your donation. The promotion of ancestral and modern African cultures constitutes an invaluable wealth for the Quebecois and their link with African communities!

Support an historic and rich foundation.

MAAH foundation is a well known charitable organization and duly incorporated (charitable organization registration number is printed on official income tax receipts) with the goal of promoting the African cultures and solidarity through social services and representation, and cultural activities. Thanks to its donors, the Foundation plays an indispensable role in securing the well-being and integration of the Afro Quebecois.

The organization was founded 22 years ago in Montreal, under the label of African Village Foundation, by Nikowe Germain Amoni, who is from Togo and holds a doctorate (Ph.D) in economics (University of Pantheon Sorbonne, Paris); Suzanne Berger, a teacher who has worked in Africa; and Therese Gaubert, a social worker and midwife, who has run an important community centre and clinic in Chad.

Previously, Dr. Amoni had acquired exceptional experience in community development. A founder of agricultural cooperatives in Chad, he also created a House of Africa in Le Havre (France). Dr. Amoni has also been a teacher, in both France and in Canada, and has worked as a staff of industrial development in the Quebec government.

Before becoming MAAH Foundation, the African Village Foundation rendered essential services to the Afro-Quebecois of the Greater Montreal area: including food distribution to the needy, assistance in finding housing or a job, and the setting up of the socio- cultural activities.

In October 2006, the MAAH Fondation du Village Africain redefined its mission and vision, particularly by adding the African Museum and Theatre projects, as well as by changing its name to the MAAH foundation.

You can make your donation by mail or on line.

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